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Welcoming to the stage… a summary of all FE22 speakers

25 april 2022

Future Entrepreneurship is all about inspiring young minds to shape the future to its fullest potential, so what better way to ignite that passion than with groundbreaking entrepreneurs telling their stories? The team behind FE22, the Antwerp-based student organization SINC (Students for Innovation and Cooperation), invited professionals from different industries to the stage. The most important things they had in common? Their passion for what they do and how they do it. 

Kicking off these two days of innovation and inspiration were SINC’s very own president and vice-president, Max Smeets, and Lisa Geudens. Together with Antwerp’s Alderwoman of Economy and Innovation Erica Caluwaerts, they welcomed everyone to the future and gave them an idea of what life is like in the innovative city center of Antwerp. Missed it? Watch the opening show here.

It isn’t like meat, it is meat.

After that, it was time for the very first speaker of FE22: Daan Luining. The founder and CTO of Meatable told us more about their mission and how they work towards a better future. After all, their revolutionary product, lab-grown meat, is as innovative as it gets. Missed it? Watch his talk here.

Dreaming big to create a future with more cheers.

Next up was Pieter Bruyland, the VP of solutions Europe of AB Inbev. On stage, he told us all about the digital transformation in the food industry and what innovation means for a company like AB Inbev, the biggest brewery in the world. Missed it? Watch his talk here.

The future of robotics is just around the corner. 

We can’t talk about the future without mentioning robotics. So that’s exactly what Fabien Papleux, Technology Innovation Strategy Director at Accenture, did. He shared his visions of the future, and the role robots will play in it. Passionate about humans and robotics altogether, he can’t wait to guide us on the shared path to the future. 

The ever-evolving media landscape.

After a short break, it was time to delve deeper into the constantly changing world of the media. For that, Vero Vanden Abeele, Sven Van Vlem, and Calogero Macaluso took their seats next to Lauren for a panel discussion on the future of media. As the co-founder of Tinkerlist, Vero knows all about creative television making. Sven is constantly thinking about the future and how they can improve even more, as Head of Technology News City at DPG Media. Calogero is Director of Streaming at DPG Media and knows all about the newest ways to enjoy streaming from the comfort of our homes.

We might all be traveling much more in the future while doing other things.

Thanks to Lex Hoefsloot, co-founder and CEO of Lightyear, we got to know the future of mobility, and it’s a solar one. As a student, he won the World Solar Championship as part of the TU Eindhoven student team, but he didn’t stop there. On the FE22 stage, he introduced us to the Lightyear One: a long-range solar-powered, electric vehicle. Missed it? Watch his talk here.

The go-to gateway to the metaverse. 

Pieter Van Leugenhagen, co-founder and managing partner of Yondr is an expert when it comes to virtual reality. He showed all futurists how we can apply VR, as well as AR and Web 3.0, in a professional context. Ever since 2014, he’s been at the helm of VR entrepreneurship, successfully venturing beyond the gimmick by pushing boundaries. Missed it? Watch his talk here.

Digital advertising is calling. 

Advertising is all around us, and that’s not going to change any time soon. Leading lady in #adtech and managing director at Semetis, Dhan Claes knows what’s going on in the sector and which innovations to keep an eye on. On the FE22 stage, she let us glimpse at the future of digital advertising. Missed it? Watch her talk here.

The port of the future is being built as we speak.  

Hosting another panel discussion, Lauren invited Bert De Mot (co-founder and CEO at Oxylum) Dries Van Gheluwe (Advisor Business Development at the Port of Antwerp), and Wim Wouters (creative technologist and co-founder of Poppins & Wayne) to join her on stage. So how can we, as a society, contribute to the port of the future? The panel revolved around the sustainability of the port and how technology can make that transition easier. 

Paving the way into the metaverse. 

The world is ever-changing, so it’s no surprise that the internet and everything around it grows in leaps. Next on the agenda? The metaverse. Nick Rosa, leading the Extended Reality (XR) business and co-leading the Metaverse Strategy practice for the Accenture Technology Innovation practice in Europe, is trailblazing through this new online evolution. And he took all futurists with him on his journey during his time on the FE22 stage. One of the things he talked about was the infinite amount of possibilities that the metaverse could provide. Missed it? Watch his talk here.

There is no doubt about it: every expert on the stage of Future Entrepreneurship 2022 was passionate about the things they do and is certain that the future looks even brighter than one can imagine. Are you ready for it? The future won’t wait, so why should you?

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Want to gain even more insights into Future Entrepreneurship 2022? Watch and listen to what our speakers told on TAKEOFFANTWERP_ and SINC’s podcast ‘Broadcast from the future’ straight after their talk. ⬇️

Streaming and media: Calogero Macaluso, DPG Media

Robotics: Fabien Papleux, Accenture

Metaverse: Nick Rosa, Accenture

Lab-grown meat: Daan Luining, Meatable

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